"Owning a horse can be a costly hobby especially if you want to do it correctly, therefore owning four horses is always a huge expense every month for me. I have always looked at ways of being able to provide my horses with the best care at a reasonable cost, ensuring they get everything they need, from grazing to health care and medication.

Being human, I struggle to remember everything, so what better way to help me do this than to join the Horse Health Programme that Severn Edge Veterinary group have in place. I have been a part of the health club for four years and have recently been informed that the existing health plan has now been improved, to include more for less – NO BRAINER!

I receive regular reminders for vaccinations and dentals so they never lapse, four faecal worm egg counts to ensure they are as healthy on the inside as they are on the outside, a yearly wormer per horse and having recently had my horse diagnosed with a neurological disorder I receive 20% off lifelong medication and lot’s more.

We all know horses can be difficult at the best of times, but they always seem to know when the vet is coming… Having sedation included as part of this health plan means my vet and I can tackle whatever the horse requires at no additional cost.

My horses are happy, therefore I am a happy and for £10.99 for the first horse I signed up and £9.99 for every horse after, it’s a WIN WIN situation.

On top of this, I also get to speak to such a lovely reception team who are always willing to help and I have the reassurance that my horses are looked after by the professionals, who are the Severn Edge Equine Vets!

On behalf of my horses, thank you for looking after us and making each visit so pleasant. I love the new health plan and I no longer dread the vet coming out or the cost attached to any invoice for the care they require.

I couldn’t be happier!" Said Abbie O’Hanlon.

“I cannot praise Anna Endrikat enough! She has been upfront and practical throughout my horses treatment and has worked tirelessly alongside his Physio to achieve the impossible. She has set the veterinarian standard so high that you must be proud to have a vet of her calibre on side! What an absolute credit to your practice, she goes above and beyond the duty of care time and time again!
Thank you B&W Equine.”

Said Charece Lehone Hill, a customer at our practice B&W Equine Vets.