When you join our preventative healthcare plan you will enjoy leading expert advice with up to date industry knowledge and best practice delivered through our vets and practice teams, social media channels and newsletters. For just £11.99 per month or £131.88 for the year (£12 discount when you pay annually) our horse health plan provides you with everything you need to keep your horse fit, healthy and ready to perform.

The Horse Health Programme is run by CVS (UK) Limited for its equine veterinary facilities across the UK. Available to care for your horse 24 hours a day, our veterinary practices are fully mobile and provide a high quality of service direct to your yard.


What’s included?

The Horse Health Programme includes a full dental examination, routine rasp plus sedation if required. Four faecal worm egg counts to assess the need to worm your horse and advice on what wormer to use where applicable, reducing the potential for resistance using a targeted worming plan with your vet’s advice. An autumn tapeworm saliva test is included every year with an autumn wormer as required.

Flu and Tetanus vaccinations are also included as part of the preventative healthcare programme to help keep your horse fit and healthy. Influenza is an airborne virus and can spread quickly and easily through a yard. The programme will ensure you keep your horse’s vaccinations up to date reducing the risk of equine influenza and tetanus.

Look at some of the great benefits you can receive when you join the Horse Health Programme:

Dental check with routine rasp/float and sedation if required
Annual flu and tetanus vaccination
Four faecal worm egg counts
Autumn tapeworm saliva test with free autumn wormer as required
10% off all veterinary treatment including medicines, treatments, referrals to other CVS clinics and vet visit fees
Annual health check
Multi-horse discount (£1 discount per month) for each additional horse
20% discount on selected lifetime care medicines**


I have been a part of the health club for four years and have recently been informed that the existing health plan has now been improved, to include more for less – NO BRAINER!

I receive regular reminders for vaccinations and dentals so they never lapse, four faecal worm egg counts to ensure they are as healthy on the inside as they are on the outside, a yearly wormer per horse and having recently had my horse diagnosed with a neurological disorder I receive 20% off lifelong medication. I couldn’t be happier!" Said Abbie O’Hanlon.