Save UP TO £150* on your horse’s annual core BENEFITS

The Horse Health Programme is a preventative healthcare plan saving you up to £150* on veterinary care. It is suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys. Our competitively priced horse health plan includes more products and services than any other national scheme.

The Horse Health Programme will enable you to proactively organise your horse’s health with regular reminders.

For just £13.99 per month, or £155.88 per year (saving £12), our health plan has been carefully designed with the cost conscious owner in mind enabling you to budget for your horse’s care by spreading the cost of preventive health treatments over 12 months. The programme offers further discounts including 10% off all veterinary treatments and 20% off selected lifetime care medicines.

Cutting the cost of veterinary care

Why should you join?

  • To save up to £150* per year on veterinary bills
  • To spread the cost of preventative care
  • To include core annual treatments in one care plan paying over 12 months
  • To save 20% on selected lifetime care drugs and 10% off on products     and services
  • To get your vet’s advice on worming and best practice

Look at the great benefits you can receive when you join the Horse Health Programme

  • Dental check with routine rasp/float including sedation if required
  • Annual flu and tetanus vaccination
  • Four faecal worm egg counts
  • Autumn tapeworm saliva test with free autumn wormer as required
  • 10% off all veterinary treatment including medicines
  • Annual health check
  • Multi horse discount (£1 per month) for each additional horse
  • 20% discount on selected lifetime care medicines**


I have been a part of the health club for four years and have recently been informed that the existing health plan has now been improved, to include more for less – NO BRAINER!

I receive regular reminders for vaccinations and dentals so they never lapse, four faecal worm egg counts to ensure they are as healthy on the inside as they are on the outside, a yearly wormer per horse and having recently had my horse diagnosed with a neurological disorder I receive 20% off lifelong medication. I couldn’t be happier!" Said Abbie O’Hanlon.