British Sign Language Service

Free for both members and non-members
of the Horse Health Programme

What is SignVideo?

SignVideo is a free service for deaf clients who use British Sign Language (BSL). You can use it to make a call to our veterinary practices and during a face to face appointment. This is done via video call with a SignVideo BSL interpreter. To access the service you will need to have access to your own smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet with its own data.

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Who can use the service?

The service is available to all deaf clients who can use BSL registered with the practice. New clients can access the service to book an initial appointment and/or for the purpose of registration with the practice.

Operating Hours

SignVideo is an on–demand service, which is not pre-bookable. The service is available in our small animal, equine, and farm and referral hospitals in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, from 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

Please note that the SignVideo service operating hours may not cover all practice opening hours. You can check the opening hours on the practice’s website.

Every effort will be made to answer video calls quickly, but if there is simultaneous demand, there may be a waiting time.

SignVideo and Horse Health Programme

Deaf clients do not need to be a member of The Horse Health Programme (HHP) to access the free SignVideo service. If a client would like to learn more about The Horse Health Programme or if you are a member already, you can contact The Horse Health Programme contact centre using the SignVideo link on our Contact Us page.

You can see the service Terms on the Deaf BSL Service page on The Horse Health Programme website below or on the practice websites.

SignVideo Technical Help

If you experience technical difficulties accessing SignVideo, please contact

Find your nearest Horse Health Programme practice offering SignVideo and make contact with SignVideo using the specific practice link

  • Equine Veterinary Practices – Log on to the Find a Practice page on the Horse Health Programme website
  • Click on the link to call the specific practice. All veterinary practices have SignVideo practice links on the Contact Us page of their website.
  • The SignVideo App – Look for our logos on the SignVideo App to locate a small animal or equine practice near you. To find out how to download the App, go to

Equipment required

To use the sign video service, clients will need to check they meet the minimum system requirements:

  • A PC or MAC with webcam
  • Browsers: Chrome (PC and Mac), Firefox (PC and Mac), Mac Safari 11, iOS11 Safari and Android 4.0 upwards
  • Bandwidth minimum 512kbps
  • Recommended 1 mbps upload for HD Video
  • Maximum 1.5 mbsp

Note: SignVideo is a free service when connected to Wi-Fi. If the client uses 3G, 4G or a data service, it will be part of their data cost.

How to contact the vet practice from home

You can access the SignVideo Service from home using the find a practice and the practice link, see details above.

You will connect to the SignVideo service and a live BSL interpreter. You can sign to the interpreter your reason for ringing the practice and the interpreter will make the call for you. The interpreter will speak to the practice receptionist and sign the receptionist’s responses to you, via the live video link, and pass on your responses and questions to the receptionist.

How to use the service in the practice

On arrival, deaf clients can indicate to the receptionist that they wish to use this service. The client can use the SignVideo App on their device to connect to a live BSL interpreter and switch the loudspeaker on.

The client will sign the purpose of their visit to the interpreter who will then speak to the receptionist. The interpreter will sign back the receptionist’s responses. If required, this two-way communication channel can be used in the consultation room too.

You can also access the service via the link on the practice website if you do not have the SignVideo App referred to above.

Out of practice services

The SignVideo service is currently available on the phone and in practice. If there is demand for an ambulatory service, please contact the Practice to make arrangements and check the mobile signal.

If you are a horse owner or a member of our Horse Health Programme, you can access our SignVideo service here.

SignVideo service terms

By opting to use the SignVideo service, your use of it (“Service User”, “you”) will be deemed to have agreed to the following.

You may access the service if you have diagnosed hearing loss, can communicate in British Sign Language (“BSL”) and have access to a mobile device/computer with wireless internet access. In some circumstances, you may be able to use a mobile data connection, however any such data use will be at your own cost.

Use of the service in CVS veterinary practices is solely for communicating with the CVS Veterinary Practice (“Practice”) and in relation to an animal owned or cared for by you. You must be registered with the CVS Practice or, if a new client you may access the service to book an initial appointment and/ or for the purpose of registration with the Practice.

You can access the service in one of the following ways;

The following terms will apply to the use by you of the service:

  1. The SignVideo Service enables a Service User to access a video service arranged by CVS to speak to a CVS veterinary Practice.
  2. The SignVideo service is operated by Significant UK Ltd (SVCC) (The Service Provider), St Agnes House, 6 Cresswell Park, Blackheath, London SE3 9RD on behalf of CVS UK Limited, CVS House, Owen Road, Diss, Norfolk  IP22 4ER and veterinary practices in the CVS group.
  3. There is no cost to you for the SignVideo service, however you must have access to Wi-Fi or data bundle via computer/tablet/phone in the home and data enabled device/phone in the Practice.
  4. The service will operate in the United Kingdom veterinary practices between the hours of 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday except for published England and Wales Bank Holidays.
  5. SignVideo is an on–demand service, which is not pre-bookable. Should there be a need for a specific appointment on a predetermined date and time within the hours above, the Service User may pre-book calls to by contacting and give full details. Pre bookings are not guaranteed and may not be available.
  6. SignVideo is an on-demand service and whilst every effort will be made to answer video calls quickly, if there is simultaneous demand, there may be a waiting time.
  7. You must have access to your own device/computer and Wi-Fi/data to access the SignVideo service to book or attend an appointment and you must have a knowledge of BSL. You will need to bring your device with you to the Practice.
  8. If you do not have a smart phone with access to internet data, the Practice may be able to assist. However, ensure you contact them in advance.
  9. You will be deemed to consent to your name, address and any details necessary to access the service being given to SignVideo as a data processor. SignVideo does not store any personal information whatsoever in the SignVideo contact centre and has confirmed to CVS that it is compliant with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and The General Data Protection Regulation. However if you have any concerns you may contact the CVS Data Protection Officer at
  10. If you experience technical difficulties accessing SignVideo, please contact
  11. Whilst we make every effort to provide the SignVideo service, should you be unhappy with the SignVideo service, please contact
  12. Whilst every effort will be made by CVS to ensure a trouble-free use of the service, CVS shall not be responsible for any difficulties in communication between you and SignVideo or any miscommunications through the use of the service, save where such are due to the negligence of CVS and its employees.