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Plan your horse’s preventative healthcare

A bit of forward planning always makes life easier – and this goes for your equestrian life too. In this article we suggest a month-by-month plan for your horse’s healthcare needs from January to June. By being organised and planning ahead, you can also make best use of the preventative healthcare benefits of the Horse…

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Vetting a Horse

  Vetting a Horse Once you’ve chosen a horse or pony that you would like to buy, before making the final decision, it is sensible to have a pre-purchase veterinary examination performed (vet’s certificate or a ‘vetting’ as it is often known). Getting a horse vetted Vetting or pre-purchase examinations are often not a significant…

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Why the Horse Health Programme is a good idea for horse owners

Why the Horse Health Programme is a good idea for horse owners Meet our newest blogger Martha: Martha is an Ambulatory Vet at one of our great practices, B&W Equine Vets!   First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Martha and I’ve worked for B&W Equine Vets for three and a half…

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Equine Myths

Equine Myths As owners and perhaps competitors, we have many responsibilities towards our horses. This includes feeding and caring for them properly, and addressing any injuries or illnesses, but that responsibility doesn’t stop at the stable door. We also have wider responsibilities within the equine community – mainly to not cause or allow harm to…

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